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Ki Empowerment Strategies  614-738-2490   e-mail: iamholistic1@gmail.com

Spirit Guided Holistic Life Coaching                       

Ordained Spiritualist Minister

Founder of Ki Empowerment Holistic Center

Ki Empowerment Strategies (Ki pronounced key a Japanese word meaning spiritual creative energy) Diane's business embraces her mission, which is to provide a reliable source of holistic information and services that create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness through conscious awareness.

Diane’s life and training as a holistic life coach and medium is dedicated to helping others enhance their health, increase their sense of well being by coaching them to discover a personal process to handle the stresses of everyday living. She provides education in self- empowerment, self-nurturing, spiritual growth and life transitions.

Diane a certified Holistic Coach™ and a Certified Medium has been practicing and teaching life transitions and complimentary health care alternatives since 1994.

She is available to offer one-on-one private sessions, group sessions, couples sessions, phone sessions, lectures, and classes, for families, individuals, businesses, associations and other community organizations.

Types of Services Available:

·         Energy Touch Healing

·         Mediumistic Holistic Life Coaching

·         Holistic Kinesiology™

·         Past Life Regression

·         Creative visualization

·         Reiki


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